Weight-loss Self Sabotage

Posted on 24/01/2011


It’s odd … it doesn’t matter how easy an eating programme is to stick to, there will be times when you’ll break ‘just because’. Usually it’s when you’ve been doing really well, you’ve lost a good bit of weight, and you’re finally starting to feel good about yourself.

Why, then?

Change. No matter what we tell ourselves consciously, subconsciously we’re afraid of it, we don’t want to leave the comfortable position we’ve found ourselves in to explore the strange new territory of being ‘not fat’ (I won’t even say ‘thin’ as most of us don’t even want that). We don’t want the changed expectations we perceive others will have of us, as we’re not sure we’ll be able to fulfill them. Not sure if we want to.

So, what do you do about it?

Me? Well, most of the time I just start over, and keep going, hoping I haven’t ruined things too much. There are a lot of ‘self help’ style programmes you can get, DVDs and CDs and books that supposedly tell you how to get over these thoughts, this self sabotage. They’re expensive, and probably not necessary for most of us. That said, I do own a few, but find them too rigid. Too reliant on stages being completed in sequence, rather than say a series of stand alone useful ‘pep talks’ which I personally would find so much more useful.

When it comes right down to it, you need to decide that what you’re doing is for YOU. Not for anyone else. Not your partner, not your children, not your doctor … but for YOU. Only then will you be willing to really go through with it. You need to tell yourself what you hope to achieve. Don’t leave it to change, or to ‘Ron’. Write down your goals, make them clear. Create a visualisation board, add pictures of yourself now, and what you want to look like, the clothes you hope to wear when you’ve lost your weight, the things you want to do that you can’t do now. List the rewards you’ll earn by achieving the mid-way steps. Knowing that new dress or winter coat is only a couple more kilos away can really make a difference!

I guess what I’ve learned after all this trial, failure, and success is … don’t stop trying. That’s when you really fail. Don’t make excuses about ‘starting again tomorrow’, start again NOW, this snack, this meal. No last piece of chocolate, last glass of wine. Do it now. Get back on that horse immediately and ride. Or, as some of us have termed it … get back on the luge. Afterall, a weight loss journey should be all downhill!

Good luck.

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