Fluffy Stuff

Posted on 19/01/2011


500g low fat cottage or ricotta cheese
1 pkt diet jelly
2-3 scoops vanilla protein powder

Put cottage cheese into a blender. Pour in a made up diet jelly (i find raspberry best but lemon works well too). Add two or three scoops of vanilla protein powder.

Add sugar substitute if needed (I dont, i find it sweet enough)

Blend on high for several seconds and then on medium for about 20 seconds or so until it looks all bubly with air.
Pour into flattish rectangle dish and put in fridge.

Best if left overnight.
Mark out lines across the top for individual portions. I divide mine into nine.

This is suitable for your snacks and two portions for main meals. (it works out at 60g per portion but you could divide into 10 if you wanted 50g portions)

It is delicous, light and fluffy but quite filling. It makes a wonderful change to meat and eggs and I love it!!

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